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The Bastard Brothers is an underground association of men and women, who are like minded and who meet the following criteria:

1. Are genuine Bastards (meaning that they do not know their fathers and have their mothers sir name)
2. Must beat 2 original members of BB in a LAN game of Tactical Ops AOT, Level Bridge, in a 1 on 2 death match.
3. Must have a general un-trust and hatred for things they do not understand.
4. Must be able to articulate well in general conversation, use Logic and reason as a focal point in their pursuit for the ultimate good and greatest knowledge.
5. Must remember that they are always a Bastard.
6. Many, many, many, more, see the BB site ( when it is created ).
I almost felt bad for yelling at that guy, then I remembered I'm a Bastard! Hahahahahah FUCK! TAint! The Bastard Brothers
by [BB]Fragulator August 17, 2006
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