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An idiot in the Matrix who uses such complex words that you can't understand what the fuck he's saying.
The Architect: Ergo, concordantly, vis-a-vis. ...You know what? I don't even know what the fuck I'm saying. I just thought it would make me sound cool."
by D-Miles August 20, 2006
This really cool band that toured for a while with My Chemical Romance. They have a bit of a Who influence, a bit more of a Clash influence, another bit more of an AC/DC influence, and a massive Green Day influence. (They're better than all the bands that influenced them.)
MCR Fan 1: Did you see MCR? Man, I can't believe they had the Architects and Neon Trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MCR Fan 2: No. I saw the Architects, and they were epic, but then they had some shitty band called Thursday.
by Thatguy248 July 27, 2011
The Architect is a character from Matrix Revolutions who uses a limited vocabulary of over complicated words. In the world of the Matrix he is a 'God' figure.
The Architect bears an uncanny resembelence to 'God'.
by lordpestilence July 13, 2005
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