related to the shocker; a hand gesture also used for pleasuring a lady friend. to do: hold the pointer and middle finger together like a peace sign but with the fingers together. take the remaining three fingers(ring, pinky, and thumb) and put them touching on the tips, creating somthing like a TP. to use: the two fingers(middle and pointer) go in the cooter, while the other three(like a TP) go in via anally. finally when in the rectum, open the TP to create one helluva hole. really a shocker, surprises the hell out of all girls, kinky or otherwise.
"dude she flipped a shit last night when i pulled The Animal."

"wait. you mean you pulled her ass apart with your three fingers and expected her to like it?"

"ya that was kinda dumb"
by synister shadows August 27, 2006
Top Definition
A beast of a man who on the word practice humps any moving object in sight, esp. Fat Wielert and hot women. He sleeps in a cage and eats raw meat all day. He loves feeding women his monstrous elephant dong.
Look at the animal dry hump fat wielert, he has been at it for the last 2 hours. Damn that is one huge elephant cock.
by Bob Seger March 23, 2004
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