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A McDonalds labour slave.
1: Ha, you work at McDonalds. You're a McDonalds labour slave.
2: :(
by B-Drac November 28, 2003
1 Word related to The worst thing you can call someone
If target is male: baby dick
If target is female: (there are far too many insults that can send any member of the female gender into wild fenzy of violent rage)
You: Hey there, friend of bob, I mean "baby dick".
Me: YOU BASTARD!!!!! (walks away in shame)

Me: Hey there, (random female).
Female: (ignores and walks way, usually finding someone more attractive)
by friend of bob June 15, 2004
10.A Piece of Dirt
9. A Libertarian
8. A Republican
7. A Faggot/ A Dyke
6. A Waste of Human Tissue
5. A Nazi
4. A Frenchman
3. A Shit Stain
2. A Cunt
Diego is the worse thing you can call someone. It'll make your target cry.
by G-Union November 26, 2003
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