the welychka (the welly, the welych, the q welych, welyched, welychkaed) - originating in the bar and club scene across Hamilton, Ontario, the welychka is a term used by many college students as a chirp/insult.

The welychka is usually a 2 week period where a guy pretends to be interested in a serious emotional relationship with a girl in order for her to sleep with him. After the guy gets the kill (usually involves a Friday night and lots of alcohol) he erases that girl from his life leaving her emotionally traumatized.

Pulling the welychka on a girl usually leaves you with a very bad reputation. One must be very skilled in picking their prey in order to pull the welychka multiple times.
Ex 1:

Person 1: Hey Quinton why aren't are you talking to Julie anymore?
Quinton: Oh, I got rid of her last week, I pulled the welychka.

Ex 2:
Person 1: Hey Johnny what happened to Mandee? I thought you really liked her?
Johnny: I never actually liked her, I just wanted the kill, I welychkaed her.
by khoi boi March 02, 2011

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