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An era of great disaster, chubbenstein was born, and the world's supply of poop has since been threatened. The poop mongreal was acquired by chubbenstein around this era, some say the poop mongreal is a dog made of poop, others say he is a poop made of dog, which ever, the poop mongreal devours complex carbohydrates and transforms them into nefarious poop.
"I will become Chubbenstein, and conquer the world's supply of poop, and I'm fat, and I'm stupid, and I'm an idiot, and I definitely DON'T EAT POOP, Just kidding, I really eat a lot of poop!" exclaims Chubbenstein at a press conference at the turn of the century in which he was pretending to be Danny Peterson, but Danny Peterson eats poop too, so who's he trying to fool?
by seanyo san January 08, 2004

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