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Definition: The act of smearing icy-hot or bengay creme onto an erect penis, then inserting the icy cock into a man or woman's rectum.

Patton by: Ascott, Ksmizz and Timmay.
Steve passed out and we gave him the popsicle, his butthole was hot, but cold at the same time.
by Ascott and Illusion September 12, 2009
when u pop a girls cherry you put the juices in a cup put a popsicle stick in the juice put it in a freezer an hour later take it out and give it to a friend who thinks its a cherry popsicle.
I played a prank on my friend by fucking a virgin and freezing her virgin juices and I gave him the popsicle and he puked everywhere
by the next big porn star July 29, 2009