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Yelled in combination with laughter after the miner says or does something stupid or out of line. Can be anything from a drastic exaggeration (usually involves numbers) to rolling around drunk on the ground outside a bar with no pants on. Miner moments are pretty common, and given enough alcohol they are inevitable.
haha Chris just accidently wiped cake frosting all over his face after falling and slamming his head on the dishwasher after taking a few too many shots.

The miner! hahaha!
#chris #miner #mineshaft #drunk #liquor
by I've had like 27 beers February 04, 2009
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A sex move. Where you strap a small bulb to your dick (your "helmet") before you go to work deep in the mine. The warmth of the bulb gives your girl more pleasure that way.
Guy 1: You ever tried The Miner?
Guy 2: Yeah, my bird really screamed when I used that one.
#miner #sex #technique #light bulb #light #penis #dick #cave #mine #mining
by Lenwin July 16, 2012
While fucking a girl, your dick is so small the condom falls off and you have to pretend to finger her to get it out.
Joe couldn't find the condom after pulling The Miner on Carrisa.
#dirty sanchez #condom #the minor #dirty pelican #clowning
by Joshuanaganooch September 26, 2006
The act of wearing a strap on penis upon your forid, and proceeding to fuck the vaginal cavity using the strap on and while you eat through the ass ruble.
"deebles said to tyrone I gave Disco Dunkley The Miner"
#strap on #vagina #penis #ass #anal sex
by Sammuel Cruise August 01, 2006
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