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This commonly used phrase is simply explaining how immensely stupid someone can be. For example, one is trying to answer a question about a short story. The answer is clearly within the first paragraph, but your buddy next to you whines about not being able to find it. You become furious, all they really need to do is open their eyes. You say dear god! The fridge is in the kitchen! This phrase compares your friends stupidty with how difficult it would be to find someones fridge in their home. It's CLEARLY in the kitchen. How do you not know where to find the answer to the question? It's CLEARLY in the first paragraph. Another example would be something less complicated, such as the spelling of "your" and "youre". For example, someone comments on a facebook picture that you are tagged in, and says "your so pretty." My so pretty what? Learn to use proper english, like come on...the fridge is in the kitchen!
Bob: Where do i find Canada on a map of the world?
Joe: Are you kidding me? THE FRIDGE IS IN THE KITCHEN.

Patty: Your a amazing person, Tom.
Tom:....dear god...the fridge is in the kitchen.
by Proper. March 05, 2009
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