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A dialectic counterattack, primarily used by females when arguing with their male counterparts, in which some or all statements previously made in the conversation are retroactively labeled "feelings". This Jiu-Jitsu inspired verbal maneuver thus renders all valid points and rebuttals made by the victim moot, nay less than moot, in fact all those rebuttals have now been turned into an unprompted offensive attack. And in argument, it is the attacker who "loses" the match.
Mark: So my girl told me that I was asshole because I forgot our first anniversary yesterday. I pulled out the concert ticket from our first date which proved our anniversary is next week and said she was being rude. Then she pulled the feelings card on me, she said that regardless of when our anniversary really is, she still felt forgotten and felt like i was an asshole, and now i was a double asshole for calling her rude and stomping on her when she was already hurt. FML!
by mckwistonator July 17, 2012
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