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Since it’s not a fact I use it as a question (phrase):

1. If a person of the same sex or opposite sex, have darker skin. Does that mean they are physically sweeter? i.e., Sweeter sperm/very cleanly/organized/Smell amazing all the time. 2. May be used to describe a feeling i.e., "You are really sweet." 3. Words of love or feelings of excitement i.e., Horney/come hither/prior knowledge lmao.
1. Enjoying a night on the town, alone with headphones on. Wishing that you had someone beside you so you didnt have to feel alone anymore. Someone to talk to, someone worth talking to. Someone smart, sweet, and who plays off your soul. Always glancing when you see a shape, hear a sound, feel a vibe that catches your attention. Leading you to wonder more and to somehow become known. If you were to find that person, they might feel somewhat the same when they first lay eyes on you. Becoming intimate, passionate, caring, and truly in love with something leads to the idea, "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice." Ohhhhhh baby
by J-Wabb February 11, 2012
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