(To the tune of: do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and frow?) Doooooooeeeeeees yooouuuuurr.....Wenis get hard when you look at your grandma.....Does your boner throb strong when you beat it with a hamma'.....Can you pet it like a puppy and make it spit milk.....I'll trade you a weeks worth of semen for the finest chinese silk.....As long as she's retarded it's not considered rape, so mentally prepare for anal and grab the masking tape...When your about to bust get it all in the butt, then make her squeeze it out and call her a slut.....Tell her its all her fault and that she's here to stay, then lock the bitch in the closet, now you can always get laid!
Daaaaaammmmmmmmmmmn the dirty version of "Do your ears hang low" is like totally the best song ever dawggggg. Even jesus added it to his top 10 favorites ipod playlist.
by Sir Wack-Alot January 24, 2006
Top Definition
The best song ever is the "chik-i chi-ka" song that was featured in every 80s movie ever made.
Man 1:"Did you hear that chik-i chi-ka song that was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?"
Man 2:"I'm so sick of that stupid fucking song, it sucks!"
Man 1:"yea, I guess you're right, that song does suck."
by Studioerebus October 01, 2003

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