Nickname for the United States Air Force Academy. Every day people come and watch cadets like they are animals in a zoo. Also, the cadets might as well be in cages with as much freedom as they get.
Cadet #1: Hey, you ready to go back to the Academy?

Cadet #2: No way dude, we still have 2 hours till ACQ, there's no way I'm going back to the zoo early.
by Listerine Dave October 14, 2006
Top Definition
A large apartment complex located in Chico, CA with a reputation for outrageous parties and debauchery by it's tenants who are primarily college students. The property was once a vacant lot known as Hahn Field where the circus used to set up each year hence "The Zoo" reference. The nickname lives on with the Zoo like behavior of the college kid tenants.
Dude! There's a full on riot going on at the zoo right now!
by altoby5 January 03, 2010
Being "high" due to the inhalation of the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Used when in the presence of people who look down upon smoking.
Steve: Hey you wanna go to the zoo?
Bill: Sure lets smoke some weed.

Steve: You at the zoo yet?
Bill: No, I'm still in line, hasn't taken effect yet

Steve: I think we've been going to the zoo too much lately
Bill: Yeah i can't remember the last week.
by TheZoologist October 08, 2011
A single by the Scorpions from 1980. It's a great workout song.
Let's eat a lot, let's drink a lot
make all your dreams come true
a hundred eyes, of mercify
a street we call The Zoo
by Steagles June 06, 2006
The hood motherfucker.
And me and mack is just 2 niggas from the same hood
Fell from the same tree
Cut from the same wool see im the young lion
And he the young bull
Welcome 2 the zoo
U are in the zoo
by uhaul July 10, 2008
Awesome song by the Scorpions.
Man, we was chillin' back with some buds, and then "The Zoo" came on the radio, and we was all like, "Yo, dis rocks man!"
by Jim E. Junk March 10, 2006
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