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When you stick four fingers in your girls puss, and your thumb in her ass.

also known as:
four in the hun, one in the gun
four in the pink on in the stink.
Hey jacob, imma give stacy the wrench!
by drunkanfool June 25, 2004
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'The Wrench' is where one testicle is accidentally and suddenly trapped/squeezed by the central stiching line of your trousers, after remaining in a seated/slouching postition for too long. In sufferers this causes you to involuntarily leap forward/up whilst simultaneously blurting incomplete expletives.

The Wrench can also cause nausea and extended bruising in extreme cases involving Jeans. Also sometimes caused by excessive Gugging on hot days.
I was on the Sofa watching telly the other day. As I leaned over to get the remote, I uncrossed my legs and got a really bad case of The Wrench - I was on the floor for about 15 minutes, crying like a baby trying not to throw up. One of my bollocks is now Grapefruit sized.
by Dobbalina September 06, 2010
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