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A sexual act that requires a minimum of four males (but up to five) and one female; such acts are likely, though not necessarily common as part of a gang bang.

The woman engages all of the men sexually, that is, with a penis in either hand tugging off each of the men, fellating another in her mouth, one in her vagina, and a fifth 'renegade' penis in her ass (comprising a double penetration or DP aspect if invoked). Note that it is also possible for the wounded bird to take place in non-hetero settings, but with one less penis in-play.

The name The Wounded Bird comes from the fact that due to the onslaught of man meat that the woman is tasked with satisfying, and, owing to the placement of her extremities while doing so (usually riding one of the penises on the scene), she is often unable to move with any real degree of freedom from said position, or is precariously balanced in the same. Thus, when viewed from nearly any angle, the motion of her head and neck, as well as her two hands (which could be either synchronous or asynchronous) gives the illusion of a creature not unlike a wounded bird, trying to right itself...yet unable to fully do so.
So... the other night I happened to hook up with this freak at a party, and she told me how she likes the occasional gang bang, but seldom has the opportunity to do the "The Wounded Bird". When I asked what that was she pulled out her phone and showed me pics from her last vacation. Man, she must have been sore for a month, not to mention suffering a prolonged bout of TMJ. Special thanks to "Norm" for his insights on this definition...
by just_plain_nuts August 10, 2012
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