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The Woody Effect is serious and contagious effect first discovered at Wilfrid Laurier University. The first signs of the effect were seen during the University's frosh week. The rumour claims that an individual going by the persona of "Woody" was confused with the idea of frosh week, and assumed that it lasted all four years and not just a week. This lead to him spending his days brainwashing unsuspecting students (using techniques learned in Psychology) to drink despite them being behind in readings, having exams the next day, or that they were currently in an exam. Projections done by the University show a shocking number of drop outs in the future because of this effect. Special constables in Kitchener, Waterloo are currently investigating this effect and trying to contain it before it spreads to other Universities.
Woody: Bro what are you doing tonight?
Victim: Studying man I need to catch up in Economics.
Woody: What the fuccck dude it's university, you've changed, I'll be at your res in 5 and then we'll grab. It's 1 dollar beer night at Firehall too.
Victim: Do I have a choice?
Woody: Nope. You're already a victim of The Woody Effect
by iLurk October 25, 2012
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