The greatest rock duo of all time. Vocals, guitar, mandolin, and various other instruments by eccentric frontman Jack White. Drums, tambourine, and vocals by the shy Meg White - who many believe is a untalented drummer for her use of simple and innocent beats, although this is very untrue. Known for their oddness, black/white/red color scheme, and amazing music. It is believed by some they are brother/sister, but they were ex-husband and wife. They were married, but now divorced refer to eachother as siblings. Often refered to as "freaks" or "weirdos". If this is true, they are the coolest freaks I have ever seen.
Idiotic person: The White Stripes suck! They are so weird!
Me: No, you are just incapible of appreciating real music and real talent. Go listen to your Soulja Boy and Jonas Brothers and get a life.
Idiotic person: Whatever!
Me: *paints black circles around eyes*
by BabiesAreTheNewBlack February 01, 2008
a band too great for most dumbfucks to comprehend. also actually has a blues-based background and is inspired by some of the greatest musicians of all time unlike most bands that are basically just record deals given to random people walking on the street.
teresa-im going to the white stripes concert!
dave-they're terrible and jack white cant sing!
teresa-you're a fuckin idiot, go listen to dashboard confessional and yellowcard and paramore!
by i_dont_think_so2009 October 20, 2008
the poorest excuse for music since rolf harris. the white stripes' music consists of the same drum beat repeated an infinite number of times, accompanied by the simplest and most annoying guitar riff ever. or a tambourine. or whatever other fucking gay instrument the white stripes found in their garage last week.

the people who listen to the white stripes are generally people with no musical taste whatsoever, or such a desperate desire for attention that they talk all kinds of shit to get noticed. these people will most likely be an activist of some kind.
if someone tells you they like the white stripes they are either lying or trying to repel you
by chimpypete February 15, 2008
The poster child of the United States decline of talent in mainstream rock.

See also: Trapt, Three Days Grace, AudioSlave
by Decimated Lepers April 22, 2005
A pair of feltchmongers who randomly beat on instruments, and make god-awful sounding crap that is about as fun to listen to as nails to a chalkboard or a chainsaw
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
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