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The white chip is a term to describe the phenomenon where a set of Eurocentric and "white" ideals are implanted using brainwashing and social conditioning into non-white brains the moment they are born.. This includes:

* Imagery from as early as cartoons to sitcoms to movies portraying white = good, dark = bad

* Derogatory insults again dark skin and non white people

* The idea that dark skin needs to be lightened by whitening creams or photoshop

* Dark skinned races rewarding their people for looking, acting, or thinking "white"

* The brainwashing technique used in advertising in non white countries, which states that one cannot find a spouse or decent job without being "fair"

* Hating oneself for having dark skin or non-European features

It is up to the non-white person to locate the white chip and take it out before they follow its instructions and self detonate
The White Chip manifests itself through:

-Babies being judged by their "fairness" in non white races
-Fair and lovely whitening creams
-Indians having a hard time finding a spouse because of their skin color
-dark skinned people worshipping whites at every possible chance. Dark skinned men idolizing blondes or "Aryan" people
-Gandhi- the most popular figure in Indian history was a big time self hating racist.

I'm sure you can come up with an infinite number of examples where dark skinned people hate themselves and bring other dark skinned people down
by bubba666 January 22, 2011
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