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The act of intending to study in a public or private place, but the intention has turned into utter un-productivity when a friend joins the social space. However you end up leaving that area smarter but yet nothing done.
Everybody is studying in starbucks doing their own stuff, then Wei walked in, wei goes around and said hi to everyone, starts a conversation with the professor about some metaphysical concept, another guy joins in the conversation, then soon everybody whose purpose was to do homework in starbucks has turned into a huge dialogue about sexuality, religion, politics, or some other metaphysical snuff. Productivity went from 100% to 10%, yet everyone probebly gained about 5 critical IQ points.

"Dude, did you do anywork today at starbucks man?"
"Nope, it was the Wei Effect, my smart sociology friend came in, and instead of working on pathology, we ended up talking about human sexuality and its correlation to praxis"
"What the fuck does Praxis mean?"
"I have no clue, but its sounds smart"
"Dude, f***ing Wei Effect, now i wont do well in my patho test, however my sociology of sex exam will be peace of cake".
by No_Wei February 22, 2011
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