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When a man puts a dildo on backwards and has sex with a woman in the doggystyle position, while at the same time having sex (via the dildo) with another woman positioned behind him.
I was doing The Weaver last night and it was quite the workout. Traditional sex is only physically demanding during the thrust, but when you’re doing The Weaver you get resistance both ways!
by Tlove412 February 15, 2011
When you ejaculate in your hand in the midst of a sexual act and slap the person across the face with the semen filled palm.
Last night my girlfriend was the unsuspecting recipient of The Weaver.
by David Duchovny March 03, 2009
While having sex with a female in the doggystyle position, the male spits his tobacco juice on her back.
I met this girl at the club last night, I got her home and did the Weaver all over her.
by The Countdro August 16, 2010
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