Risky Beirut. Simply -- ten cup with straight Kentucky Burbon and glass tumblers. Often played in the great state of Texas.
"Hey CUZ! How does the War of Northern Aggression sound tonight?
by Cleatus E. Lee October 01, 2006
Top Definition
Southern term for the American Civil War. Mostly used by those who think the south should have won.
Southern Colonel Sanders-type guy: My great grandaddy sadly lost his life at the battle of Bull Run during the War of Northern Aggression.
by Gina March 25, 2005
the war that destroyed my family's land because they were mad that the south wanted to secede. god damn yankees.
General Sherman: We got the Walton property in georiga so we can turn it into a GOLF COURSE! (where the masters' are played today.)
by walton May 17, 2005
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