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An awesome show from the 1970's, which captures true family values, rather than that of the 2000's which is all about "ME." Where selfish celebrities dominate the air waves. I am only 15, but the show is great, there will never be a better show than the Waltons
Typical teenager: Hey did you see Dane Cook on SNL last night?

Me: Naaw dude, I watched the Waltons.

Typical teenager: What the hell is that?

Me: (Shows a 3 minute clip of the show)

Typical teenager: Wow that looks soooo boring and stupid.

Me: (Rolls eyes) Whatever dude, maybe this world wouldn't be as hateful today if we didn't have people like you, and if we had more shows like this.

Typical teenager: F*** off you faggot!

Me: (Thinks nothing of it because I don't care what people think)
by JanitorWithAnAxe July 13, 2011
a very big close close family that all live together under one roof , hang out together and even marriage like between 1st cousins , inbred insestuos pikey types , dids in bricks .
gypos , pykeys , the ings, kakas , the waltons , family , together, under one roof
by locks heath renegade master November 23, 2010