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The most baddass zombie aftermath show exclusively on tv.
Dude 1 :omg, have you seen the walking dead!?
Dude 2: Heck yeah!
Dude 3: Hey! talking about the walking dead? I'm in!

Dude 1: *Gets an iPhone and starts posting on his fb status* "CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE OF THE DEAD WALKING"
by gen1521 November 23, 2010
a comic series written by the articulate genius Robert Kirkman about a zombie infested world and a group of people struggling to survive.
Jake:Yo man i just got a brand new issue of The Walking Dead!
Archibald: Say broseph, lemme take a peek at that fine piece of bound paper.
by CooCooCoo January 26, 2006
Comic series and now popular televison show on AMC created by Robert Kirkman. One of the best TV shows on the air today.
Person 1: Hey, did you see The Walking Dead last night?

Person 2: YES! I'm pretty pissed that my favorite character got eaten though.
by oceanic815 November 12, 2012
The best show on television today. An amzing show about a small group of survivers in a post zombie apocalypse world trying to survive. Every episode is packed with action and main characters frequently die, which only makes it more exciting.
You should watch The Walking Dead. You won't regret it.
by Teboe17 March 29, 2013
An American TV show airing on the cable television channel AMC. The show is loosely based around The Walking Dead comic book series made by Robert Kirkman. The show follows a group of militant homosexuals trying to survive the Ogre apocalypse.
The Walking Dead has received many positive reviews and is known for it's intensity.
by Mormon Fetus December 02, 2014
Any person under the age of 35 who is either (A) married, (B) engaged, or (C) is a parent. They move around society, imitating the motions of the living... but--come on, we all know--they're The Walking Dead.

Any member of such class that becomes a personal friend is upgraded to the category of "Zombie Pal"
Old Friend #1: It's so good to reconnect with everybody from high school. What ever happened to Kyle?
Old Friend #2: Man... you didn't hear? He's married with two kids.
Old Friend #1: ...oh, no. The Walking Dead, huh? Rest in peace, Kyle
by D. Sanchez III November 21, 2014
A bland and monotonous television series about survival in a zombie apocalypse. While originally based on a well conceived and poignant graphic novel series, the show features scene ruining child actors, particularly Chandler Riggs as 'Carl", and is followed by a pointless, self aggrandizing talk show 'Talking Dead' featuring b-list celebrities.
The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes: "Carl I need you to stay here; it's my job as your father."
Carl Grimes: "NO DAD, I CAN HELP!"
Rick Grimes: "No."
Carl Grimes: (pouty face)
by Pitt Revue November 14, 2013
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