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the sexual act in which a man engaging in heterosexual, two person intercourse, fakes an explosive climax near the very beginning, and when the female begins to let her guard down, return and dominate her violently.
hey man, i gave Victoria The Voldemort yesterday.
oh dude, she must have been mad.
#sex #moves #harry #potter #straight
by Jack Hawff February 08, 2011
The Voldemort is a shaved pussy that is very dry and appears to have scales, thus having the appearance of the infamous villain from the Harry Potter series. The dry, scaly skin can easily be solved with lubricant and lotion.
Make sure you put some lotion on after you shave your pussy, or you'll have the Voldemort!
#the voldemort #shaved #pussy #dry #harry potter #scales #skin #lubricant #lotion #vagina #bald
by JeJoMa November 04, 2010
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