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The vodka challenge consists of:

1 Litre bottle of vodka(your choice of brand 37.5%)

Basically it's the last man(or women) standing!
Choose your mixer, the first person to finish the vodka bottle wins the title! Best to play drinking games, like kings/ring of fire!

If you vomit, fall over, pass out or cheat then you're out!
Starting the vodka challange on on winter night, Bob, John and Paul start, bob picks pepsi, John picks orange juice and paul picks diet coke.

Halfway through the bottle, Paul runs off to the toilet and vomits all over the seat! That's Paul out!!!
Bob and John carry on John has 2" left at the bottom and passes out spilling his glass or orange and vodka down his crotch, bob takes the opportunity to drink as much as he can quickly to win! He downs the rest of the bottle and wins!!!
But then projectile vomits all over! But he still won! What a legend!
by Ovyuk September 14, 2011
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