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A 68 page book written by Shawn Wunjo. Possibly the most vulgar book ever published, it is probably the closest one can get to a real-life Scrotie McBoogerballs.

Written based off an outline of the events of Virgil’s Aeneid scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin by a drunk, it's actually nothing like the Aeneid at all. It’s more like the Odyssey, only more fucked up, more epic, and definitely more interesting to read.
An excerpt from "The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard":

"FUCK YOU AND YOUR GOAT-LOVING ANALSAUSAGE FUCK FACTORY!" Lucifer Niggerbastard screamed, giving the shape in the window a double-handed flip-off. Mr. Moneyballs could go fuck himself.
by Schniggedy Jones May 05, 2010
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