The Used:fucking raw
The Used: Rock your socks, head bobbing, arms flailing, throat wrenching, body smashing:fucking raw as shit!
by Heather June 04, 2004
one of my fav bands...i also love afi!...but the used kick monkey step off!!!
a box full of sharp objects is the kewlest song!
by Jessyka October 13, 2003
perhaps.... (along with funeral for a friend and MCR), the worst pile of emo wank ever to exist!!... go and listen to some god damn PanterA, any losers who like emo. P.S ... METAL UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emo loser: OMG!!! im goin watchin "the used"
metalhead: hahahahaha!!!.. you like shit music!
by Ashmondo September 25, 2005
A really good band from Orem, Utah. Members are: Bert McCracken (Vocals), Branden Steineckert (Drums/Vocals), Quinn Allman (Guitar/Vocals), and Jeph Howard (Base/Vocals). They are very creative and talented, and their music doesn't fit into a single genre such as 'emo'. They have several CDs out, the latest being 'In Love and Death'. You should do yourself a favor and listen to it. Give them a chance and you might find a new favorite band.

band website:
Ms. Preppy and proud: The Used is shit in a can.
Me: Go fuck yourself. They've got more talent than you do.
by when you mention b l u e July 06, 2005
Like the best band in the whole frikin world! They can out-play anyone!
"Yo, i heard this one band on fuse last night..they were kickin it!"
"What songs did they play?"
"Take It Away, and some other stuff!"
by Whoopthereitis April 12, 2005
only the greatest band ever to walk this earth!
Me; So do you like THE USED?
Some Oblivious Nobody: who are they?
Me: only the best band known to....EVER!
by Alex February 08, 2004
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