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a school full of the hottest girls around, and who know how to have fun and party like no is basiclly the funnest school to go to...most people are jealous because they got rejected...
The Ursuline School in New Rochelle
by tonedd December 08, 2005
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an all girls school..people wish they could be as hot as them but they cant, thats why they hate on it and call all the girls "materialistic" or "sluts"..just cause they got money & arent prude like y0u dont mean u gotta hate =)
"girls at the ursuline school r so hot, im so jealous of them because i know theyre the best and i cant be like them..damn"
by mEe<3 April 28, 2005
An all-female middle/high school in Westchester. Full of wealthy snobs.
You shouldn't choose to go to Ursuline unless you're a materialistic teenager with no morals.
by daner February 15, 2004

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