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The Urethra Chronicles is the first DVD that the awesome (yes they ARE my faveourite band get over it you wannabe poseur punks who think that dissing them makes you more punk. punk is about being yourslef right. not caring?) band blink-182 made. Its very funny, yet a little randomised and completly nonsensical. The whole thing just jumps from one scene to another for no apparent reason, but it had me laughing the wohle way through, and lets face it, it wouldn't have been tom, mark and trav if it HAD made sense now would it?
Features 5 music videos and two live shows too.
There is also "the Urethra Chronicles 2" which is also equally funny and random.
On The DVD of the urethra chronicles:

Mark: "Tell them what they do in the phillipenes tom!"
Tom: "we heard that in the phillipenes, if a baby boy cries they suck its penis and it stops. that works with me too, if i cry just suck my penis and i will stop!"


(at a concert)
Tom: *fucks up guitar on a song* "im sorry. i fucked that song up. its not because i suck at guitar!"
by fuck you... July 03, 2006
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