Once a funny, clever little site for slang definitions. Now, thanks to hordes of mostly white, male, insecure, teenage morons it's become the most racist, sexist, ignorant shithole on the internet. The comment section usually looks like the below:
United Spammers: Before I post on The Urban Dictionary I like to rape dead queer nigger babies gangsta: yo shut up whitey how dare u use da n word u racist cracka asshole
by Alice Rose January 04, 2009
Top Definition
A place where proper grammar, spelling and punctuation DO exist but retards spoil it.
Most popular definitions have a few retards defining them.

Most unpopular words have only retards defining them (Such as incoherent words or the names of friends from their school. See below for example.)

WORD: Bea O'Problem

DEFINITION: A WHEELY kewl puhsun fom mai skewl - i lub her 2 bitz - u go gurl!


(That doesn't exist, but definitions like that do.)
by Bastardized Bottomburp November 03, 2003
Example of urban dictionary crime:

Word: (_)_)======D(_*_)

Defintion: How that fat guy at my school likes it.

Example Used: Fat-TurdMuncher likes to (_)_)======D(_*_) all night, because he's gay.
Example thoughtfully provided by 'RatchetBoo'.
by Diego November 05, 2003
a website where people post either Similar Or Smartarse Comments on Words (usually made up) And they get Featured.
Then it gets sent to the editors and if it is paying out something they like they do not let you publish it...

...The urban dictionary is awesome though!
If this gets word of the day i will jump off a cliff (maybe)
The Urban Dictionary FTW!!!
by Le Penis Head October 14, 2009
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