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(1) A newspaper created in a heroic effort to take over the world and set that shit free. Composed of a staff of clever, witty, intellegent, and attractive high school students who are just pawns in their super hot editor's pathetic attempt to dictate society to a world similar to the pokemon mindset. This basically encompasses the ideals of using words and editorials to attack and defend anything and everything our trainers stand for.

(2) The ultimate union of aesthetics and phonetics, merged together into a cheap looking magazine-style representation of LIFE.


the end.
Taylor: pikachu, i choose you!
George Bush: aw, not another editorial.
Taylor: pikachu, thunderbolt, now!
George Bush: damnit, i'm front page.
Taylor: pikachu, return!
George Bush: I hate you, The Underground Sound.
by taylor is awesome October 12, 2006
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