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Rules and Regulations of the DNG Twenty Dollar Challenge

- To complete the DNG Twenty Dollar Challenge one must, in under one hour, drink and/or eat $20 worth of 40 ounce contains of beer and taco bell

- To be considered as having completed the challenge one must not throw up within an hour of it.

- One can, if they so choose, eat and/or drink more than $20 worth of the items listed

- If you elect a substitute for beer, such as soda, it must equate to 40 ounces and will only count as the average cost of a 40 despite its actual retail cost. (I.e. purchasing 40 ounces of red bull would only count as the cost of one 40 of Bud Light)

- Using a substitute as mentioned above will make said contestant subject to an * on their record unless said substitute has a similar caloric make up and similar lethargic properties as alcohol.
I tried to complete The Twenty Dollar Challenge but I threw up when they started playing Rocky Music
by prezz85 September 04, 2010