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During a FFM threesome, the man lies back in a position of extreme comfort as the females perform the sickest oral sex of their lives upon his member. During this performance, the man proceeds to make the rock and roll symbol with his hands in order to stimulate the females anus and vagina, specifically the clitoris. The three positions are as follows:

1. <b>The Throne</b>

The man has both his arms resting on the female's backs.

2. <b>The Barrel of Monkeys</b>
One arm is beneath the female hooked up, and the other is in Throne position.

3. <b>Thanksgiving Dinner</b>
Both arms lie below the female and are hooked, as if he's holding two thanksgiving turkeys.
The Triple Crown(see above)
by roy powers November 26, 2009
Recieving a blumpkin while your upper decking on the top of the toilet, and the girl is sitting AC - Slater style
I never truly lived until this chick showed me the triple crown, it was sensational
by sabastaniel December 21, 2010
When a guy 'hooks up' (varying from making out to having sex, and anything in between) with three best friends of one High School. (Insert High School name before Triple Crown. i.e The Loyola Triple Crown)
Hey Dude! Did you hear?!
No. What?

Diego landed The Triple Crown.

No way! What School?!
Yeah he fucked Erica, made out with Julie, and finger-banged Amanda, and Oak Hall!

But they're all best friends, dumb bitches.
by EKIN July 07, 2014
A foot job, hand job and blow job delivered simultaneously during sex.
You don't know a girl "the one" until she gives you the Triple Crown.
by T Bone Capone June 23, 2010
Either simultaneously or in one evening: smoking an L with L, drinking a Mick with the Mick, and F'ing F.
When I come home after finishing exams, I intend on achieving the Triple Crown.
by ABABABABABAB April 12, 2007
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