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It's a group of three friends who always crash parties when only one of them is invited to it. When they hang out together they just play pool or N64, even if it's for hours at a time. They constantly refer to inside jokes in front of everyone and just laugh because they don't care. They sneak out to go to girl's houses, even if they stay they for only 10 minutes. Everyone knows a group of people like this because they brag about it all the time.
Mom: Everyone sign the birthday girl's card!
Girl: Holy shit, the Trifecta signed this in three different colors. They weren't even invited.
#trifecta #trifectas #trifekta #brothers #monsters
by Jim McPherson March 25, 2012
A group of three people that are the head of a friend group. These three people are usually the funniest of the group. A trifecta always has each others back, and the friend groups.
Person 1-"These guys want to fight, just wait until the trifecta shows up,then the squad fights"


Person 1-"The trifecta runs this shit"
#squad #funny #friends #run #leaders
by asdfghj123 August 28, 2014
The feeling you get when you are drunk, stoned and smoking a cigarette. It is a combination of the three most common recreational drugs.
Bro 1: Yo dude, I am so drunk and this bowl is gonna be perfect!

Bro 2: I know dude, and I got some cigarettes so we can hit the trifecta
#weed #bud #alcohol #beer #drunk #high #stoned #party
by Deadhead Don November 02, 2011
When you burp, fart and shit your pants at the same time.
Dude, I just hit the trifecta so I am going to change my underwear.
#fart #burp #crap #shit #pants
by Cali Connection April 07, 2009
To place index, middle and ring finger inside the vagina.
This chick moaned like a wilda-beast after I gave her the trifecta.
#the threesome #the trinity #the vaginal triplets #the three tenors #three in the pink
by Heavy P Bass July 03, 2006
when two dudes are docking while on top of a chicks face, simultaneously giving her a roman helmet AND a cincinnati bowtie.(changes to a superfecta if the cinicnnati bowtie man gives her a hot karl)
(two bi-dudes to one another) "hey roy, see that girl over there, we should totally rock the trifecta on her" "you know what lewis, lets make it a superfecta"
#roman helmet #cincinnati bowtie #hot karl #homos #docking
by brandongizzele October 11, 2006
To black out, then vomit, and finally urinate upon oneself and clothing.
"So Dave Read told me he was having a great time at Uncles, and next thing he knew he had buy new jeans, shirt and got it-the trifecta."
by pjr July 16, 2003
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