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Queens, NY.

Q.U.: The people. The neighborhoods. The diversity. The 7. LIC. QB. The E & F. Astoria Blvd. Elmhurst. East Elmhurst. Woodside. Jamaica. South Jamaica. The Ave. Jackson Heights. Queens Blvd. Steinway. Flushing. Astoria. The N. Northern Blvd. Largest PJs. Largest Chinatown. Largest borough. The thoroughest!
"Yo I'm bout to link up wit a biddie in Woodhaven."
"Aight, but careful, she might be a jumpoff!"
"Word, always gotta be on the lookout in the Thoroughest Borough!"
by skillmanave November 12, 2009

So-named because it is one of the five boroughs of New York City (the others being Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island) and is considered by its inhabitants to be the most thorough (genuine, gangsta, keepin' it real).
"I grew up in the thoroughest borough - B.K.
Where B.I.G. had everybody rockin' D.K."
-- Foxy Brown, "B.K. Anthem"

Sal: So where are you living nowadays?
Al: The Thoroughest Borough, obviously.
by T. Andrews December 26, 2008

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