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A sex act that involves banging to near completion in a version of "doggystyle" that involves sitting on a toilet. Just prior to climax, the guy inserts the "Nintendo thumb" of his left hand into his lady friend's butthole while simultaniously rubbing the "A/B thumb" of his right hand over her clitoris and begins to tap in a erratic and frantic manner; much like one would do while running any play involving Bo Jackson in Nintendo's "Tecmo Bowl." As the man cums, he may or may not choose to utter the following phrase: "Bo knows skanky bathroom sex!"
Dude 1: "Hey did you hear that Chris gave that girl from accounting 'The Tecmo Bowl' at the company party last weekend?"

Dude 2: "That doesn't surprise me... she seems like the type of skank that'd be into that kind of thing."

Dude 1: "Apparently Chris' thumbs are still numb!"
by Mopper January 24, 2011
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