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The Tash is a being of immense power mentioned by several different ancient civilisations. All these civilisations have met there end upon encounter with The Tash. Its power is so awesome that it once managed to destroy the entire earth and put it back together so quickly that no one knew until he told them. He has also been known to severely beat his son and then tell anyone who was witness to the event, “Don’t look at him." He has also been known to appear as if out of nowhere just to beat his son with anything he can find at hand and in most cases cause severe injury to him. His son has also been known to be beaten no matter what it is he does and has also give an alarm to one of his friend so that should he misbehave he can come and give him a severe beating. It has also been rumoured that he is more powerful than Chuck Norris but due to the immense power of both of them they have never fought as it would most undoubtedly destroy the world.
What happened here?
The Tash happened.
by Deadmatt June 12, 2009
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