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A mediocre personality, sets a poor example as a friend, widely regarded as a horrible person, an inadequate lover and definitely on the outer as a loved family member.

Rarely will you find someone who likes the cut of this mans jib.

Last seen taking stock of himself.

Prior to that, last seen taking a good hard look at himself. It's likely that he was the person who last saw himself, whilst taking a look at himself. Because that makes sense.

NB: Occasionally a good bloke but barely deserves a mention. In the interest of being balanced, he has excellent taste in choosing groomsmen for his wedding.
"Gee, I hope The Tampon comes out of retirement next season"

"Ha! Did you hear The Tampon injured himself again?"

"The tampon is not a good friend but I now feel obligated to keep him around"
by Betterthanyou2012 December 12, 2012
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