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An extreme high caused by the stickiest of the icky. Symptoms include tunnel vision, temporary loss of eyesight, extreme happiness/anxiety, and loss of balance.
Shit son, I smoked so much juicy fruit I had the syndrome.
by -Andy- August 03, 2007

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that feeling you get while playing a multiplayer game online where you're having a crappy game and you simply don't care to play any longer. Normally occurs while playing Modern Warfare 2 or Halo.
dude, I was getting my shit rocked in Halo, and the syndrome kicked in, so i just turned off my Xbox without saving
by ScubaSteve1214 July 11, 2010
the digestive reprocussions induced by a night of hard drinking. foamlike anal discharge
see also "Foaming"
" on the day after my 21st birthday i rode the toilet all day. i was suffering from the syndrome"
by frank rizzo December 12, 2002