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A state of ecstasy achieved by smoking marijuana with your friends. Typically involves a comfortable couch, snacks, and a great LP.
"James and I were in the sweet spot last night. Listened to that new Daft Punk album again and ate a bunch of peanut butter cookies."

Friend #1: "What are you up to tonight?"
Friend #2: "Thinking about getting in the sweet spot with James. You want in?"
by DaveInTheSweetSpot December 20, 2013
The spot in the urinal where you can pee without fear that any of your pee will splash back onto your hands or pants.
on top of the most relaxing and enjoyable piss of my life, i had it in The Sweet Spot the entire time, so I got zero splashback!
by phenomenalphalanx February 19, 2011
That spot on your iPod's volume slider right before you start to hear annoying static on your second-hand headphones.
I turned my iPod up right to the sweet spot, so I wouldn't hear static.
by hamster892 April 17, 2011

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