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when one tries to hold in their shit for so long they begin to sweat and shake with effort so they don't shit their pants.
many men have gotten "The Sweats" on long road trips. Sweating and shaking with effort while friends laugh at their anxiety, people with the sweats pray to heaven that there is a bathroom up ahead.
#ground-hogging #sweat #shake #bathroom #shitting
by Richard001 December 16, 2008
Stalker slang for giving someone the jitters, in effect making them sweat, by acting odd in a subtle unnerving way which doesn't initiate a confrontation but is clearly targeted. Usually in a public place where fellow stalkers have placed themselves to provide an apparently oblivious audience.
We gave that guy the Sweats for you. Why do you hate him so much anyway ?
#stalker #stalkers #jitters #cults #unnerving #grifting #cons #con #gangstalking
by motormind July 18, 2015
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