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The Phantom's mild deformation in the 2004 film adaption of The Phantom of the Opera. Many Phans disliking the film (Mostly because Gerik, Gerard Butler's role of the Phantom, does not depict the overall look of The Phantom.) call The Phantom's deformation "The Sunburn O' Doom", as it looks like a terrible sunburn.
Phangirl 1: Oh my God, did you see Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera?
Phangirl 2: Yeah, I mean really, why did they have to make his deformation so crappy? Like, lookout! It's The Sunburn O' Doom! It's so stupid...
Phangirl 1: Oh, I wasn't talking about that! Gerard Butler was so sexy in it! He was TEH SEX! TEH SEX, I TELL YOU!
Phangirl 2: *Takes out Punjab Lasso and kills Phangirl 1*
by Beautifully Insane July 17, 2010

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