A band that makes Rebecca Black look good. The singer looks like a woman, which excited me when I heard the name of the band, until he opened his mouth. Then my ears bled. Also any band that has erotic insinuations in the name, but does not, in fact, have erotic undertones is terrible.
#terribad #notcoolbro #jesusthismusicisterrible #earplugs #better than rebecca
by WEYUWDO August 21, 2011
A group of homosexuals from New York who think they’re cool because they’re trapped in a musical era that time forgot, and with good reason. Many emo kids think that they’re hip by listening to the "the Strokes" but are simply pandering to the notion that you have to be outside of the mainstream in order to be good. A complete lack of originality and talent, don’t waste your time listening to The Strokes because the Rolling Stones did it better, and they did it 40 YEARS AGO.
Emo Kid: Do you want to listen to the new "The Strokes" album? I got it on vinyl because I’m so hip.

Nromal person: No I have many things I would rather do with my time, like make furious man-love to a cheese grater.

Emo Kid: (slices wrists and lays in the corner crying)
#the strokes #stroking it #beef stroganoff #homosexuals #the rolling stones
by I got you back July 25, 2009
An overpriviledged Manhattanite band that, despite constantly being held by clueless critics as the epitome of garage rock, have very little to do with the genre. Much more in common with the brit-pop blended version of rock like that of The Killers than the truely raw and soulful sounds of The Gories or The Stooges. For real garage, see: The Demolition Doll Rods, The Makers, the older music of The Von Bondies, and yes, The White Stripes.
Those iTunes critics even liken The Libertines to The Strokes - come on now!!!
#the #strokes #are #closer #to #coldplay #than #iggy
by Yes_m February 21, 2009
Five kids from NYC who have nothing to say.
"Look at the Strokes, their haircuts are so cute".

"Let's form a band like the Strokes. We can wear timeless vintage threads, sing like Iggy Pop, and date supermodels".
#i #wanna #sniff #some #glue
by Glumdalclitch April 26, 2006
A band with interesting guitar, yet has one of the worst singers ever. His voice is so boring it kills the music, although when he belts he sounds good. But his regular singing voice is very boring. Just listen to the song "Reptilia", the guitar intro is great but then the vocals come in and kill the entire flow.
The Strokes are good but their singer sucks, they need a new one.
#strokes #guitar #rock #boring #voice
by joe725 October 23, 2007
A freaking kewl DEATH METAL band.
OMG THE STROKES ARE DEATH METAL LIKE P.O.D, Simple Plan, and Papa Roach!!!!!!!!!!
#death metal #band #the strokes #omg they so good and deathalicious ya'll #bands that will break your windows
by LJA June 13, 2006
A band comprised of spoiled children of talent agents and other rich NYC businessmen. At different moments they rip off The Velvet Underground and Television, and are perpetually drunk/coked up.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not 'indie,' they are on RCA which is about as independent as Burger King.

A hit with any white bread suburban kid who wants to develop an edgy persona.
e.g. I was listening to the Strokes in my H2 on the way to Nordstrom's to pick up my CGBG shirt. I feel very rock and roll now.
by SZ August 05, 2005
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