The best band in the world, with some of the beautiest persons.
The Strokes are a drug.
by Felicitas September 26, 2003
1. The GREATEST rock band ever.
2. Not a British band.
3. You call Fabrizio Moretti a British name?
4. HOT
The Strokes are HOT. Especially Fabrizio Moretti and Julian Casablancas.
by drew fan December 15, 2003
Friggin' awesome band. Some of the world's more moronic people may say that The Strokes don't have any super fabulouso insane solos or anything like that. To them I say this: who the hell cares? The Strokes are way cooler than most of us will ever be. I know they're cooler than I'll ever be, anyway.
The Strokes are my drug of choice.
by Yeeaaaaah May 17, 2005
An incredible rock band as somene else said the best thing since Nirvana the way thre going the could be the next Nirvana!!!!
From Newyor led by the amazingly talented and hot/ to sexy for words Julian Casalancas.
They are extremely talenetd and underated in Australia!!!!!!
anyone who hates them are just jealous of there good looks, kindness, TALENT, good sounds, and amazing vibe around them
i havent stoped listening to reptillia since it came out...... NON STOP!!
by Jules is H-OT July 24, 2004
THE greatest band that has ever been around.
Formed in 1998 this rock band consists of 5 amazing men;
Julian Casablancas (vocals)
Fabrizio Moretti (drums)
Nikolai Fraiture (bass)
Nick Valensi (guitar)
Albert Hammond Jr. (guitar)
So far they have made 3 albums;
Room on fire
Is this it
First impressions of earth

they are a great band with a hot lead singer, who is unfortunatly, married to Juliet Joslin the bands assistant manager.
Seeing the strokes live was the greatest day of my life. They are even better looking up close.
by chelseyy; December 08, 2007
THe greatest band ever, smart , sexy, great fashion, most important their on genre of music, nobody sounds like them the best evermade
when talking about the strokes is like talking about music and the greatest music ever made
by julian April 09, 2005
The strokes are an awesome, beyond cool band that ROCK more than you ever will!
The strokes rock my world.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004

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