in jail, a place less commonly referred to as 'the outside.' apparently where you lived before you came to live there, whether you lived in a house or not.
"yo nigga, i used to know yo ass on the streets"
by Zoe The Dawg May 02, 2010
A made-up place that was needed for the look of "toughness" in rap songs.
"Yo, nigga, I live in the streets!"
"No, you don't. You live in Narnia or something."
by Rose, who hates Miami, Florida. December 10, 2005
AKA Mike Skinner, jumping on the 'grime' bandwagon with his new record label -' the beats', home to the mitchell brothers. Original Pirate material is aaaammmmmmaazing,

But as for 'a grand dont come for free'
It sounds like someone in his management has said;

"Mike, can you make possibly the most Geezerish album ever to hit the shelves, and use fictional scenarios to promote how blokey you are, doesnt matter if you make some shite songs" Due to this album sales of tennants super have risen dramatically and armies of middle class wanker kids, have started fights with TV repair men.
In all fairness 'blinded by the lights' is amazing, i just hate the fucking story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by BCFC*1875* March 04, 2005
Do you remember the song Park Life by Blur? Its got this guy talking over it about everyday life. Quite original wasn't it, a breath of fresh air.

What now happens if you take Blur's Park Life and copy it again and again. The Streets is what happens.

Some brummie(?) with his stupid accent talking again and again about buying the paper and the boring lives we lead over crappy garage style beats.

In the perfect world, this sort of man would be shot, or at the very least, beaten with big sticks. However, this is not the perfect world, and instead of receiving a beatdown, critics laud him, instead of shoving a double barrelled shotgun to his face, they shove awards at his face.

This sort of behaviour has to stop. The Streets are the most overrated thing to besiege mankind since Jesus. I'd rather listen to David Dickinson talk about his crazy antiques than The Streets talk about anything, you should too.
You like the Streets because you're stupid, you're stupid and you smell.
by bastardo_bill June 05, 2004
A pretty crappy band from the UK consisting of a British man talking in front of a melody. It's only redeeming quality is the fact that he has a British accent.
I have to scold my friend every time he plays The Streets.
by Gil April 09, 2005
An amazingly s*it type of "music". (Please note I use the word "music" very loosely.)
The Streets are not music, the Distillers and Iron Maiden are music.
I despise The Streets and Mike Skinner.
Exactly like the spoken word “Music” done by William Shatner in the 1980's, which was also s*it
by Mark Vegas October 20, 2004
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