To ejaculate in ones eyes and spin them in a circle so they have to find there way to the bathroom blind, their arms will be reaching out in the air feeling for for things and makes them look like they are playing the piano hence "Stevie Wonder"
Dude introduced Lindsey to The Stevie Wonder last night and she ran face first into the wall
by Mike Spencbrough November 11, 2009
Top Definition
When a man is recieving oral pleasure from a woman, he pulls out right before he ejaculates and blows his load in her eyes. This causes her to frantically search for a towel while swaying her head and arms back and forth, then resembling the musician stevie wonder playing the piano.
Last Night ended with my date doing The Stevie Wonder.
by Blake W. October 03, 2008
when you are having sex from the back, right before you are about to let go of your load tap the girls shoulder and cum all in her eyes
she is mad at me today because i gave her the stevie wonder last night
by green onion October 02, 2008
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