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when a young male scholar attends Stafford University, his first goal is that of procreation. This task requires much undertaking, and mimicking the peacock, the Stafford male scholar attempts to copulate by employing the "Stafford look". This involves donning tight jeans, and comical t-shirts displaying ironic wording and symbols, and shite hair; whilst pleading (via facebook, text, and email) and attempting Jedi Mind Tricks (via facebook, text and email). Due to an inadequate ratio of females to males, the young male Stafford scholar faces an impossible task, and will must likely copulate with his own hand whilst thinking about his mother. The Stafford look is therefore, genrally worn, by wankers. Usually found in their environment (their room)due to being allergic and scared of everything.
I tell you it was awkward, he was creeping at me with the Stafford look, I knew I had to get out of there.
by Neffinski December 25, 2013
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