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"The spit" is when you and a buddy are double teaming one girl.(One on each end) And you lift her up by you cocks and spin her.
Me and him put her on the spit last night.
by cumstein21 February 12, 2005
While doing a girl up the ass doggy style you simply spit on her back and make orgazms and make her think your done then when she turns around you jizz on her face.
Last night I was bangin this chick and I gave her the spit and she was pissed.
by Jordan and Colin September 01, 2006
When you are really drunk and your at the point right before you throw up and you just keep spittin.
That dude is fucked up man he got the spits
by d-ricktar November 07, 2010
That watery feeling you get in your mouth right before you puke.
"That vodka was fucking gross. I was fighting the spits for a good twenty minutes after that shot."
by hot like sauce September 18, 2011
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