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Sobo takes a lot of focus. First you must be high (hydro, p haze, or white shark works well), then you must have sex. The sobo is when one has sex in the missionary possition, and the male focuses in on the girls left titty. Keep your focus on the titty like your looking at one of those painting where the shit pops out at you (i.e. a boat). This intense of a focus will cause your high self to forget your are having sex and you start to see the titty move in slow motion. Soon after this, you must ejaculate in the girls vagina, while still focusing on the titty. If your focus is intense, you will not know why you came, but it'll feel damn good. Now answer your cell phone. THIS IS THE SOBO.
Damn, he was doing the sobo and he didn't even know he was havin' sex.
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