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When you are under the influence of narcotics and become forced into a situation where it is expected or necessary to act normal you must play "the sober game". During "the sober game" you must consciously attempt to appear sober despite the influence of the drugs and/or alcohol that are currently affecting your state of mind.
1) -"Wow, it's already midnight? I have to get home and I'm still pretty fucked up."
-"Will your parents be waiting up for you again?"
-"I hope not, but it's alright, I'll just play the sober game, I'm a pro at this point."

2) -"Dude, pass me the blunt."
-"Yeah, that's potent stuff bro... Oh shit! Are those lights behind us?!"
-"Damn, those are the cops dude, what are we going to do?"
-"Fuck, all we can do is buck up and play the sober game."
by Papa Wumbo the dirtiest uncle January 27, 2014
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